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quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012


I heard about Sara in a community about human rights for Palestine.  I decided to add her on Facebook.  Started to chat, knowing her better, and I notice that we have lot in common.  

She started a ‘hunger strike’, supporting the palestines arrested by Israel government. So many things wrong back there in the Middle East, that she thought “hey, it’s time to protest”. She’s not the only one. The entire world thinks the same. The good part, anyway.

Then I wanna know her better and ask about the Gaza’s blockade and all issues about Palestine. I coulnd’t help myself and made 10 questions and, for my surprise, she answered all. And with her permission, I published on my Blog, the same Blog that I used lots of times to defend Gaza, despite some people criticize-me. I don’t mind. And Sara neither. 

Here’s what she has to say about the Palestine situation :

1 –BLOGGER :Why you decided to do a hunger strike?

  Sara McGlock - I was inspired to do a hunger strike by Sharawna’s and Issawi’s commitment to the Hungry Stomachs movement. Using non-violence is vital, so I chose to hunger-strike to raise awareness for the inhumanities that are occurring in Israeli prisons and to raise awareness for this violation of human rights.

2 – BLOGGER : How long have you support the Palestine cause?

Sara McGlock -I have been in support of Palestine’s cause since I first heard of the Israeli occupation, though I only support Palestine’s non-violent actions. I have been interested in Palestine for about 2 years.

3 – BLOGGER :The blockade in Gaza by Israel is the most terrible humanitarian disaster. Do you agree?

 Sara McGlock- The blockade in Gaza is completely unethical. Blocking people in a designated area, claiming that it is self-defense, is a ridiculous tactic. Is there a single instance in history where a country that is concerned of their own safety blocks in their own enemy? If this was self-defense, Israel would be more inclined to blockade their own people, and this is not the case, which indicates that this is probably not a self-defense tactic.

4 – BLOGGER :The USA and Canada support Israel and his tactics. How you feel about that?

 Sara McGlock -I do not agree on any level with North America’s alliance with Israel.

5 – BLOGGER : How a hunger strike can help in a very complicated situation like Middle East?

 Sara McGlock -Through my hunger strike, I wasn’t intending to solve the Middle East’s conflicts. My intention was simply to raise awareness on the reality of the situation, highlighting the violation of human rights that occur in Israeli prisons, broadcasting the non-violent Hungry Stomachs movement to North America, and hopefully to provoke thought in our communities.

6 – BLOGGER :  In many different cases, the U.N. always reprimand the country that attacks other.
But there’s an awkward silence about Israel’s actions against Palestine. What you think about it?

 Sara McGlock -Israel continues to provoke Palestine, using violence, threats, and fear. It is not just that these actions go unpunished, when there is solid evidence that these actions do take place daily (even after the ceasefire).

7 – BLOGGER :   Would sound right if we say that Palestine has been suffering a new version of holocaust?

Sara McGlock - I do see this as racial hatred. It certainly isn’t on the same scale as the holocaust so we should avoid using the analogy, to avoid offending anyone. But the prejudice, displacement, and random acts of disrespect for Palestinian property and symbols (for instance, mosques and olive trees) are all signs of ethnic cleansing.

8 – BLOGGER :   Do you trust in politicians?

Sara McGlock- I have known very few politicians to be trustworthy.

9 – BLOGGER :   What about your family, they encourage you to go on and protest this way?

 Sara McGlock- No, my family was not happy about my fast, and they don’t have a personal stance on the Hungry Stomachs movement. They are happy that I am happy, but they aren’t particularly happy that I am disagreeing with my government.

10 – BLOGGER :   If you could send a message to the palestine people, what would it be?

 Sara McGlock- In whatever you do, keep the peace. Keeping peace is vital to the progression of Palestinian independence. It is very difficult to practice non-violence when provoked, but retaliating in violence will only continue to set us back, as it has in the past.

I couldn’t agree more. Fortunately, there’re millions of people out there, who support Sara’s ideas. I’m one of them.
Thanks,Sara. It’s good to see someone fight for a better days, using non-violent ways to show that the world is a good place; and worths fight for it. Hemingway was right.

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